About Our Company

Healing Hands of Naples LLC is dedicated to providing its customers with superior physical stress and injury management and recovery through a personalized and elegant massage therapy experience. I, Nathan Sip, make it my personal business and purpose to see to your physical and emotional relief from the pain associated with every day wear-and-tear, physical and physiological defects, and injury.

I am personally dedicated to providing a superior massage therapy experience catered to my customer's unique needs. I have 10 years experience in modalities such as Deep Tissue, Swedish, Range of Motion (ROM), Trigger Point and Acupressure massage therapies. My customers will NEVER get the typical massage factory experience provided by most establishments. My sessions are at least as many minutes as were paid for. No long lines, random associates, up sells, contracts or disgruntled employees talking your ear off, or rushed interactions. I only provide the superior customer service and experience you'd expect. My customers work hard for their money and I work even harder to earn their business.

Every one of my customers are just as important to me as if they were my only customer. It is my life's purpose to help my customers achieve the utmost quality of life possible through the physical relief of superior professional massage therapy. For more information on my services, contact Healing Hands of Naples LLC in Naples, FL today.

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  • Dedicated to Relieving Your Body of Stress
  • Family Owned
  • In-Home Service


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